Andri Feldmann, NIRS Tech, Lactate Testing, VO2max, Moxy Monitor || Episode #55 [EN]


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Andri Feldmann is a Sport Scientist and the co-developer of the Moxy Monitor. He is currently working on his doctorate at the institute for sport science of the university of Bern on the topic of «NIRS and task failure prediction». Andri on Youtube: Contact Andri: Topics: 0:00 - Intro 0:24 - Start 0:46 - Andri’s Background 2:28 - What is NIRS? 19:39 - How did you first come across this technology? 28:24 - Testing protocols with the Moxy 45:24 - VO2 testing & Moxy 53:59 - What are its utilisation limitations 59:54 - THb measurements with the Moxy 1:07:32 - SmO2 and performance modelling 1:18:36 - Best sports applications for NIRS 1:27:54 - Respiratory training and performance 1:33:44 - Recovery modality (passive/active) and peak power 1:36:49 - Myth busters 1:39:44 - What tests or research projects would you like to see be done with NIRS? 1:41:29 - Where can people find out more about your work? Full Video Interview:

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