#20 Be Your Authentic True Self With Ryan Nyquist


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#20 Be Your Authentic True Self With Ryan Nyquist

Ryan Is a father, Professional BMX rider, team USA Coach for the olympic BMX freestyle team. Ryan has approximately 16 X-Games medals, 39 X-Games competition starts and 60 Dew Tour finals appearances. Nyquist is widely considered one of the greatest and diverse BMX riders ever.

Conversation Topic

  • Ryan’s life story and discovery of BMX
  • Very first experience competing in ‘Pro’ class
  • Great untold story featuring the late legend Dave Mirra
  • His approach to competing
  • Including his first 60 minutes of the day on a typical contest day
  • We cover his experience throughout the legendary event Red bull skyline
  • First experience with melatonin
  • Ryan’s physiology on Exercise, training, and routine
  • Injury
  • Fear
  • Cultivating longevity

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