#19 Nothing Is Given With Andrew Neethling


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'Nothing Is Given, What You Put In, Is What You Get Out'

#19 Nothing Is Given With Andrew Neethling

Andrew Neethling is a professional Mountain biker, announcer and podcaster. At 36 Years old he is widely considered to be a South African Mtb Legend.

Conversation topics

  • Covid 19 and how Andrew is dealing with the pandemic
  • Andrews life's story and introduction to Mountain biking
  • The challenges of becoming a professional athlete living in south africa
  • The death of his father
  • The lesson he learned in his youth that lead to his later success
  • Training routine during his racing days
  • Coaching
  • Confidence and consistency
  • Untold story featuring Travis Pastrana
  • His podcast ‘Moving the Needle’ - The andrew neethling podcast
  • Favorite books and much much more.

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