#21 Healthy Mind, Body And Soil With Josh And Kelly From Dragonfly Earth Medicine


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#21 Healthy Mind, Body And Soil With Josh And Kelly From Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Josh and Kelly are the founders of DragonFly Earth Medicines. Dragon Fly Earth Medicines or DEM is a family owned farm dedicated to the regeneration of the earth and it’s humans.

In 1993 they set out together on a mission to gain as much practical and cerebral knowledge of regenerative food, medicine and human health. Together they have founded several NGOs and set up clinics (which are still active today) in disaster and war torn areas around the world. In 2007 They founded Dragonfly earth medicines, in 2012 they founded DEM Pure. A internationally recognized regenerative cannabis education certification.

Josh and Kelly have dedicated their lives to learning and are both considered experts on many topics.

Conversation Topics

  • The DragonFly Earth Medicine founding story
  • Soil quality and soil regeneration
  • Food quality and human health
  • Homesteading
  • Closed loop farming
  • Natural medicine
  • Longevity
  • Hemp and Cannabis
  • CBD

And SO much more!

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