Tranquility du Jour #575: Somatic Journaling


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In this week’s edition of Tranquility du Jour, I chat with guest Jennifer Arnspiger. Hear about her journey as a somatic journaling coach, what's unique about being an HSP and INFJ, and ways to heal your sensitive story.

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Guest Jennifer Arnspiger is a writer, shadow worker and somatic journaling coach who helps highly sensitive women heal their stories so they can be lovingly in their bodies. She left her Master's program in Creative Writing to prioritize writing the stories her body needed to release, so she could heal her relationship with herself and find peace inside her skin. Through private coaching and her self-paced Body Story course, Jennifer helps sensitive women come home to their bodies by expressing their deep truths, so they can enjoy (and actually feel) self-compassion and live in celebration of their sensitive selves. She is the self-published author of two books: a short story collection called Pretty Piece of Flesh, and Dark Pretty, the memoir of her awakening after covert narcissistic abuse. She is a highly sensitive INFJ empath, Francophile, flower lover and dedicated dog mom to the sweetest shih-tzu on the planet. Find Our Guest Instagram: @highlysensitivehealing Facebook: Mentioned in the Podcast James Pennebaker Via Character Strengths Test "Fiction is the lie that tells the truth truer." Let's Connect

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