20VC: Scaling to $2BN AUM in 3 years, Fundraising Lessons and Tactics from 2,500 LP Meetings & What it Takes to Build a Firm That Stands the Test of Time with Harley Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Partner @ Left Lane Capital


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Harley Miller is the Founder and Managing Partner @ Left Lane Capital, one of the fastest-growing growth equity firms of the last five years. Just yesterday, Left Lane announced the closing of their new fund taking their AUM to over $2BN with an early portfolio including M1 Finance, Masterworks, Choco, GoStudent, to name a few. Prior to founding Left Lane, Harley spent over 9 years at Insight Partners investing in the likes of DeliveryHero, HelloFresh, N26, Calm, Udemy and many more breakout companies.

In Today’s Episode with Harley Miller You Will Learn:

1.) Origins into Venture:

  • How Harley made his way into the world of venture with his first role at Insight?
  • What were Harley's biggest lessons and takeaways from 10 years at Insight?

2.) Left Lane: Fundraising

  • What are harley's biggest takeaways on fundraising from speaking to 2,500 LPs for Left Lane I?
  • With that experience in mind, what advice does Harley give to other first time fund managers on what it takes to raise successfully?
  • How did the Left Lane pitch to LPs change over time? What worked? What did not work?
  • With the benefit of hindsight, what fundraising elements would Harley have done differently?

3.) Left Lane: Firm Building

  • What are the hardest elements of building a firm today?
  • How did Harley navigate the transition from investor to fund manager? What was challenging?
  • What is Harley's biggest advice to young people in venture looking to scale their career fast?
  • What are 1-2 core inputs aspiring VCs should focus on as they build their career?

4.) Left Lane: Investing and Consumer

  • How does Harley approach portfolio construction with the new fund?
  • How does Harley think through outcome scenario planning and ownership requirements with the new fund?
  • How does Harley think traditional growth equity models can be applied to consumer investing?
  • What will Left Lane be in 20 years? What firm does Harley want to build?

Item’s Mentioned In Today’s Episode with Harley Miller

Harley’s Most Recent Investment: Masterworks

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