Ep. 11: Work Resistance, Techno-Criticism, Tales from MIT, and the Depth-Destroying Power of Children | DEEP QUESTIONS


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In this episode of Deep Questions I answer reader questions on work resistance, the state of techno-criticism, tales from the MIT theory group, and the depth-destroying power of children. I also play some question roulette and tackle the audio question of the day. (Hint: it’s about my reading habits.)

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Here’s the full list of topics tackled in today’s episode along with the timestamps:

* The organizational power of plain text files [1:18]

* Confronting an overwhelming number of obligations [4:00]

* Getting back on track after lockdown disrupted work habits [7:15]

* Dealing with resistance to work [9:39]

* Audio question of the day: managing a variety of different inputs [18:28]

* Avoiding social media on the phone browser [23:26]

* The need for a distraction-reducing phone operating system [26:06]

* Tracking birthdays without Facebook [28:32]

* My podcast habits [31:07]

* Humane tools and the state of techno-criticism [33:57]

* Question roulette: my book reading habits [43:46]

* Life inside the MIT Theory Group (bonus: cracking the superstar code) [48:47]

* The seeming impossibility of deep work with kids [1:02:42]

* Curing your spouse’s Facebook addiction [1:14:10]

* On the deep value of work [1:16:12]

Thanks to listener Jay Kerstens for the intro music.

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