EP 44 Stephane Cazeault ; Pursuing a professional career in the strength and conditioning industry


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Stéphane has spent the last 24 years perfecting his work. He has a strong formal academic foundation, earning a bachelor's degree in exercise science from the University of Montreal. Stéphane recently published his first book, 66 Strategies to Program Design.

In his career Stéphane has personally trained professional athletes in football, baseball, and hockey. Here are some of the athletes he worked with from the NFL, MLB and NHL: Steven Jackson, James Butler and Mark Clayton (St. Louis Rams); David Freese, Chris Carpenter and Matt Holliday (St. Louis Cardinals); Dennis Wideman (Calgary Flames) and Mike Green (Washington Capitals).

Stéphane's passion is program design. His program design is carefully structured with every possible component taken into consideration to ensure the trainee reaches and exceeds their goals, making his work a combination of both science and art.

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