515: James Jani | Repelling the Law of Attraction Myth


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James Jani (@jamesvjani) is a YouTuber who makes documentary-style videos about money, business, and life, including The Law of Attraction: Fact or Fiction? and The Dark World of New Age Gurus.

What We Discuss with James Jani:

  • Why "hustle culture" is a bankrupt paradigm that makes it easy for fake gurus to prey upon society's very young and very desperate.
  • Why the so-called Law of Attraction that tells you you only have to think positive thoughts to "manifest" the good things you want out of life is bunk.
  • How studying philosophy exercises your grey matter and sharpens your critical thinking skills (so you can better resist nonsense like the Law of Attraction).
  • Why the Just World Fallacy that explains away suffering as a deserved consequence of wrongdoing is just a dangerously convenient way for people to bypass empathy for the world's unlucky have-nots.
  • How we can use street epistemology to help people question their unfounded beliefs.
  • And much more...

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