170 – Revive Yourself – Tom Stavely On Silicon Valley’s Dictatorship, The Mainstream Media, Trump, What The Future Holds & More


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Today we have a familiar guest, and my personal friend Tom Stavely on the show. Tom and I were scheduled to record this show a few days earlier, but it was a good job we didn’t as lots happened in the days in between our slots. Tom has been in the natural health and alternative world for over two decades and he has not been surprised by what is playing out in the world today, but he has been surprised by the speed and efficiency of how they have done things so quickly, as well as how easily people have given up their freedoms and rights.

In today’s show we discuss:

  • Tom’s new endeavour to wake up as many people as possible in the UK before we have a Communist state
  • How Silicon Valley have become dictators of the world
  • The mainstream media and their continued brainwashing of people to think that social distancing, wearing masks and isolating yourself is normal.
  • Whether or not Trump is who Q say he is or not
  • Some new products that Tom is trying right now
  • My opinions on what’s happening in the world, and what the outcome will be
  • Why we win this battle, & much more

As always it was a pleasure speaking to Tom, and he’ll be back on the show soon to discuss the outcome of what happens in the next few days.

You can find Tom here:


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