LGBTQ: Le parcours difficile de Laurie, lesbienne et maman en France | Laurie's tough journey to become a lesbian mom in France


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My friend Laurie and I talk about the difficulty for gay and lesbian couples to make and/or adopt kids. It's not exclusive to LGBTQ because unmarried women also struggle. Laurie shares her personal journey, from her partner's pregnancy to the adoption of her own daughter. She has an interesting vision of why things are so complicated for same-sex couples and single women in France.

This episode is a mix of interview and explanations that I added to provide context and adapt the content to French learners.

  • How Canada is more open than France
  • How France is ignoring transgender people in the current debates

Laurie's journey (from 18:55):

  • What do French lesbian couples do when they want to have a baby (provided they have money!)
  • How do you legally become the second mother of your child after birth?
  • A reflexion on what it means to become a mother
  • The role of the state to promote LGBTQIA+ rights

There is no transcript for what Laurie says but you'll find short summaries in the transcript.

Transcript available:


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