CSC 006: Crush Multiple Health And Lifestyle Problems To Be Triumphant


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CONTENT NOTES Nobody knows how to solve multiple life-threatening problems like NASA does. Let’s see how we can apply their problem-solving process to our health and wellness journey. SHOW NOTES can be found at: IN THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN: - An anonymous reader/listener wrote in with a series of problems to solve; Overweight, no portion control, eats unhealthy foods, drinks lots of soda, works hard at their job and is too tired at the end of the day to exercise. - Paul explores how we find ourselves in these health and wellness craters. Lots of little bad habits and lifestyle choices add up over the decades until they become life altering health problems. - The answer is to “stop compounding our existing problems!” Start unraveling and solving each issue one by one. - The theme of the book and movie The Martian has everything to do with Crushing Multiple Health and Lifestyle Problems to be Triumphant. Listen to how Paul ties all this together. - Let’s use NASA’s methodology for taking apart our reader/listener’s list of intertwined health and lifestyle issues. - Here is a worksheet based on NASA’s methodology for untangling multiple health and lifestyle problems and solving them one by one. Go to for the worksheet download. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Please visit for all the links and resources. TAKEAWAY Let’s work smart, not just hard at improving our health and wellness by learning from the smart people at NASA. Learn how to use NASA's simple techniques to solving multiple life-threatening problems.

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