HYS Ep. 16 - Living Towards Your Beliefs: no easy rides for Dr. Kendra Clark


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Tracey talks with Dr. Kendra Clark, a human/equine chiropractor who recently returned to her home town of Guelph, Ontario, to set up her practice. Over the course of their conversation, Tracey and Dr. Kendra discuss already knowing the answer when you ask for advice, the problem with assumptions and the importance of humility, how she has carried a rider's mindset into everything she does and living towards what you believe in.

Dr. Kendra details how she's coped with and cared for a degenerative hip disease she's had since her childhood, and the importance of self-care in those early days that laid the foundation for where she finds herself today. Little things like movement planning that carry over from work to riding also come up, as does a little fireside wisdom she and her brothers conjured up.

And let's not forget those fabulous furkeys!

Dr. Kendra can be contacted via email at thechiropractor109@gmail.com.

Beware -- some sh!t bombs were dropped during the course of conversation (no horsey puns intended).

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