HYS Ep. 15 - Drinking The Water The Way You Should: a conversation with Mac Cone


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In the latest episode of 'Hitting Your Stride', Tracey talks with Mac Cone about his lengthy high-profile career and life in equestrian sports. Cone talks about how he knew early on as a horseman that he was going to have to carry his own banner and be a professional, and how it would be necessary to find the balance between his career and his business to make both sides of the equation work.

The veteran equestrian talks about his view of confidence, and how important he thinks it is to keep things simple. After all, out of all the jumps in a given show ring ... you can only go over one of them at a time. He also details his view of the rider/horse partnership, talking about how he brings his mounts along and how they need to work together to foster and develop their partnership.

Follow Mac on his Facebook page (facebook.com/Mac-ConeSouthern-Ways-Equestrian) to keep up-to-date on how things are going for him and his riders.

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