1525: How ResTech Provides Marketers With a Roadmap to Success.


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New Orleans is becoming a hotbed for entrepreneurial activity, and Patrick Comer intends to contribute to the growing startup energy in the region. With a background in research, data analysis, and technology development, the next new thing of course, combines all three.

Patrick Comer founded Lucid with a vision to democratize data collection by applying programmatic technology to market research. Lucid is now the worldwide leader in enterprise marketplaces for sampling. Since its inception in 2010, Lucid has become one of the most successful tech startups in New Orleans, with hundreds of employees across the globe.

The company has evolved to democratize market research through programmatic technology -- effectively helping global brands (like Spotify) understand changing consumer sentiments and how to best market to these new personas. All through data provided at what was previously an unprecedented pace and scale for the market research industry.

Patrick also coined the term ResTech. ResTech is a comprehensive term for the software and tools that help platforms, agencies, and brands target, deliver, and analyze their insights initiatives. Patrick shares the story behind the company that now far exceeds $10 million in annual revenue.

Patrick shares his belief that ResTech has the power to provide marketers with a clear roadmap to success. It helps marketers remain on the pulse of their customers’ changing sentiments so that they can understand what makes them tick, what they care about, and how to best appeal to them through personalized and targeted messaging.

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