Season 1 Ep6 The Power of starting with why, with Sebastien Gendron


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We often define ourselves by what we do. I work in finance. I play piano. I create children's books. But there's a significant difference between a hobby, a job and a career. A hobby is something you enjoy doing. It keeps your life fun and interesting. A job is simply a task you do to pay the bill. It doesn't have to fulfill you. A career is a job that you're passionate about and that you love. Career is something where you're willing to make sacrifices and work extra hours. When we talk about career development, we should first try to find out what we're really good at and what we love doing. So how do we figure out what we're meant to do? It often starts with a process of self-discovery and it takes a lot of courage to make the first move. It's not easy. But it worth trying to figure out. On today's episode of The Stephanie Show, I talk about the power of passion and grit with an inspiring entrepreneur: Sebastien Gendron. Sebastien is the Co-founder and CEO of Transpod, a Canadian company dedicated to developing the next generation of ultra-high-speed transportation. He has 13 years of experience leading engineers at gloabl transportation manufacturers, including Bombardier, Safran S.A., and Airbus Group. In this episode, you will learn : - About Hyperloop technlogies - How Sebastien created his company and found his business partner - Recruitment criteria for Transpod - Productivity & Energy Management tips - Plus much more ... Tools mentioned : - For international businessmen/businesswomen, use a dual SIM phone ( e.g. Samsung) to take local calls from both countries. - Video conferencing : Zoom - G suite : Productivity and team collaboration tool For more info, please click and sign up at

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