Ep 8: Michelle Foote, MS, LPC - Professional Counseling


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Licensed professional counselor Michelle Foote, MS, LPC, joins Mary on today’s episode of The Brain Coach podcast.

Michelle shares her perspective on supporting a healthy brain through her work as a professional counselor and why she’s passionate about lifelong learning.

Michelle helps clients move through issues using talk therapy and uncovering underlying challenges.

Some of the mental health trends discussed on today's episode include:

· Emerging neuroscience connecting brain activity with action

· Psychedelics in the treatment of PTSD, particularly the benefit soldiers

· The diminishing stigma of seeking therapy for mental health issues

Today's discussion addresses challenging elements of working in a 'helping profession', including setting emotional boundaries and being empathetic to clients’ heartbreak without it becoming your own trauma. Michelle provides a great self-care strategy she calls the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding technique, which is free and can be done anytime.

Mary and Michelle discuss personal mantras, personal failures, and Michelle’s story of how therapy had a meaningful impact in her life and ultimately drew her to the profession.

Michelle is a therapist for a large state agency in Corpus Christi, TX.

Please note: this podcast does not provide medical advice. The information, images and other materials contained are for informational purposes only. No information discussed is a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please seek help from your physician for medical questions or advice.

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