Episode 8 - DevSecOps with Darlene Wilson


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In this episode, we had the pleasure to have with us Darlene Wilson. She came to enlighten us on an "extension" of one of the hottest topics of the last decade (and still very relevant and actual!): DevSecOps.

Here are a few of the topics we covered:

* Shifting Security Left

* Scaling Security through coaching, mentoring an community of practice

* Importance of being aware of licensing terms

* Keeping your third-party libraries and frameworks up to date is imperative

* Security, a shared responsibility * Finding balance (Risk vs Flexibility) * Defense in Depth

* Importance of bringing awareness

* Security Debt = Just plain old Tech Debt

* DevOps, more than CICD and automation

* Chaos Engineering

About Darlene Wilson

She is currently Head of Development Strategy for the IoT Accelerator solution in Ericsson. Darlene started her software career 20 years ago, and has since that time developed a passion for scaling software delivery. That passion had led her to be an early adopter, evangelist, and transformation agent for Lean and Agile methodologies, DevOps, and over the past 8 years, scaling security in DevOps (commonly referred to as DevSecOps) and Defense in Depth.

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