Episode #21 (in English) - Jin-Lin: growing up as a Taiwanese "Third-Culture" kid


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What’s a "Third-culture kid"? People who grew up in a context of high mobility and multi-culturality, for instance children who followed their expats parents around the world and had to move very frequently.

Jin-Lin is a typical example of a Third-Culture kid. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, she then followed her expats parents around the world, first at age three to Luxembourg, then to Belgium, then back to Taiwan, then to Canada, then went to university in Taiwan, and finally recently settled in Singapore more than a year ago.

She is now 25, speaks English, French and Mandarin, loves hockey, eating poutine and dumplings... and lived two-thirds of her life in Europe and Canada, the rest in Asia.

What challenges did she face growing up? What did she learn? We’ll talk about identity, adapatabilty and Taiwanese culture!

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