Sampler & Sans Reproches n°1221– 05.07.2021 ( DOUBLE TOP OF THE WEEK THEE HYPHEN & NATTSKIFTET)


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SAMPLER & SANS REPROCHES (Radio Transmission)
Playlist N° 1221... GALAXIE RADIO 95.3FM
Lundi 05 Juillet 2021 - Horaire : 20:00 >> 22:00
[ S&SR Double Selection de la semaine...
NATTSKIFTET "Stämplar In" (Progress Productions)

THEE HYPHEN "Incidental Tools Of Confusion" (BOREDOMproduct) ]

< Artiste - Titre - Version - Format - Production - Label >

  1. NATTSKIFTET "Gnissel Och Brus" CD: Stämplar In (Progress Productions)
  2. THEE HYPHEN "Into Dirt" CD: "Incidental Tools Of Confusion (BOREDOMproduct)
    1. IMPERATIVE REACTION "Intertwined" DIG LP: Mirror (Metropolis)
    2. SYLPH "In The Morning Light (TERENCE FIXMER Remix)" DIG SINGLE: In The Morning Light (Mute)
  3. LISA PUNG "Ecrase Molle" DIG EP: [Ou est] Aline (Divamania Records)
  4. TAMPLE "Glory" DIG LP: Glory (Yotanka)
  5. YAN WAGNER "Plein Phare" CD: Couleur Chaos (Yotanka)
  6. ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK "Sacred Heart" CD: Architecture & Morality (Virgin)
  7. MORGAN KING "From The Fade" DIG SINGLE: From The Fade (Autoproduction)
  8. ATTRITION "The Alibi (BELLHEAD Remix)" DIG SINGLE: The Alibi (Autoproduction)
  9. METAL DISCO "Rotten To The Core" DIG EP: Rough & Dirty (Werkstatt Recordings)
  10. FORETASTE "Pure Madness" CD: Happy End! (BOREDOMproduct)
  11. SIGNAL BRUIT "Pentécontère II" CD: Hyperborée (productionB)
  12. NOVOCIBIRSK "Baïkal Depths" CD: Télévision 1945 - Volume II (productionB)
  13. THEE HYPHEN "This Aching Kiss" CD: "Incidental Tools Of Confusion (BOREDOMproduct)
  14. NATTSKIFTET "Nattskift" CD: Stämplar In (Progress Productions)
  15. NORMORIA "Who The Hell Are You" DIG EP: Voyage (Autoproduction)
  16. IN ABSENTIA "We Are Glass" DIG EP: We Are Glass / Me! I Disconnected From You (Tinnitorturous)
  17. CONTAGIOUS ORGASM "Shelter In Place" DIG EP: Through The Cracks Of Entrapment (Ant-Zen)
  18. JG AND THE ROBOTS "Robots In Berlin (ft. Jean-Luc DeMeyer)" DIG EP: Robots In Berlin (eMERGENCY heARTS)
  19. NOISE UNIT "Body Aktiv" CD: Deviator (Artoffact Records)
  20. PARADE GROUND "My Morning Friend" CD: The 15th Floor (VUZ Records)
  21. KANGA "Brother" DIG V/A : Post-Punk 2021 (Artoffact Records)
  22. LUCIA CIARELLI "Girl Like Me (Special K Mix)" DIG SINGLE: Girl Like Me (Metropolis Records)
  23. NOISY DEAFNESS "Washed Away (Radio Edit)" DIG EP: End (ScentAir Records)
  24. NINE INCH NAILS "Happiness In Slavery" MCD: Broken (Nothing Records / Interscope Records)
  25. SKINNY PUPPY "Rodent" CD: Rabies (Nettwerk)
  26. MINISTRY "Deity" CD: The Land Of Rape And Honey (Sire / Warner Music)
  27. BITCRUSH "Dead Corners" DIG EP: Dead Corners (Ant-Zen)
  28. THE PLANT X IZUMISAN ENSEMBLE "Shaggs Attack" DIG LP: Anthropomorphic (Vicious Records)
  29. SCHWEFELGELB "Wie Viel Haut" DIG EP: Der Rest Der Nacht (n-PLEX)
  30. PSYCHOSOMATIK "No Time To Lose (Blut Reaktor Remix)" CD: Re/In/Trospective (Autoproduction)
  31. THE NEON JUDGEMENT "Awful Day (David Carretta Remix)" CD: Redbox ([PIAS] Recordings)
  32. FRONT 242 "Work 242" CD: Front By Front (RRE)

PROMO THANKS TO : BOREDOMproduct / productionB (Member U 0176), TERENCE FIXMER for SYLPH, LISA PUNG (Sandie Trash), HIM MEDIA (Charles Provost), YOTANKA RECORDS (Vivien), MORGAN KING (Morgan), ATTRITION (Martin Bowes), WERKSTATT RECORDINGS (Toxic Razor), NORMORIA (Gustav), TINNITORTUROUS (Tommy), ANT-ZEN (Stefan Alt), VUZ RECORDS (Holger Hanraths), ARTOFFACT RECORDS (Jacek), SCENTAIR RECORDS (Vladimir), VICIOUS RECORDS (Lars Kivig), PSYCHOSOMATIK (Michael Roussel) ...

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