Only 3 Things I Would Practice for the Rest of My Life


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Welcome to episode 273 where I discuss the only thing I would practice for jazz if I could only pick three. Most of us don't have a lot of time to practice, but we want to improve our jazz skills quickly. We need to be focusing on the most impactful things and discarding the rest. I share with you mine, and encourage you to think about yours. Listen to episode 273 One massive question that I get all the time from subscribers is what should I practice if I only have a very little bit of time to practice? What's going to get me the biggest bang for my buck? We don't have a lot of time to practice, to work on stuff but we want to improve as musicians. We want to improve our jazz improvisation. What do we do? There's a billion things you could practice, a billion things you could do. And I'm always trying to answer the question. How do we simplify things? How do we boil things down to the most essentials? And that's what we are going to talk about in today's episode. I'm going to talk about the only 3 things. If I'm only to pick 3 things to practice for jazz for the rest of my life, what would they be? In this episode: 1. Using jazz standards as your primary vehicle 2. The 80/20 rule for jazz 3. Chord Tones 4. Learning solos 5. Composing solos 6. Discovering your 20% Important Links 1. LJS Inner Circle Membership

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