OOOD - Samudra One (Original mix)


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OOOD - Samudra One (Original mix) Samudra - Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL721 1. OOOD - Samudra One (Original mix) 2. OOOD - Samudra Two (Original mix) When it comes to an OOOD release we already know that the journey we are about to embark on is not merely musical, but a bold and deliberate glimpse into worlds that reside somewhere in a prism of unique experience. Their latest EP 'Samudra' sees us traversing into a deep ocean of gathering waters. Entering along a trickle of hypnotic melodics, we find sweet release in Samudra One, moving into greater depths with Samudra Two, and finally resurfacing from the complexity of this polished and iridescent world where a passion for progressive psychedelia gives new life to music and then expands on its very nature. Colin Bennun,Steve Callaghan 2021 Iboga Records Iboga Records Publishing,Iboga Records Publishing

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