OOOD - Mauna Kea (Original mix)


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OOOD - Mauna Kea (Original mix) Deep Flight - Iboga Records IBOGADIGITAL728 1. OOOD - Bioluminescence (Original mix) 2. OOOD - Kush (Original mix) 3. OOOD - Transnormal Highway (Original mix) 4. OOOD - Mauna Kea (Original mix) 5. OOOD - Kangchenjunga (Original mix) 6. OOOD - Deep Flight (Original mix) 7. OOOD - First Ascent (Original mix) 8. OOOD - Esoterica (Original mix) 9. OOOD - Snow Drifting (Original mix) 10. OOOD - Tatra (Original mix) 11. OOOD - Vourukasha (Original mix) It has been nearly 9 years since OOOD's 5th artist album "You Think You Are" was released on Vertigo Records, but the wait is finally over and Iboga Records is proud to announce that on Friday September 24th 2021, we will be releasing their 6th album "Deep Flight". With this album, OOOD have taken everything they have learned in 27 years of writing and producing together and distilled it into 11 deeply groovy, trance-inducing tracks. "Deep Flight" is slower and deeper than their earlier albums but is still unmistakeably OOOD, with each track standing as a unique and distinctive waypoint on the progressive leg of their journey through the mostly unexplored landscape of psychedelic dance music. Every location we visit on this less-trodden path has its own identity - its own geography, language, flora and fauna. The views are vibrant and crystal clear and although each environment is different, the band's characteristic voice and perspective links them all. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts and listening to the album from start to finish is intensely rewarding, reminding us that – in life as in music - the journey is the destination. Nobody else could have written this album, and no other label could have released it. OOOD – "Deep Flight" album – released September 24th on Iboga Records. Colin Bennun,Steven Callaghan 2021 Iboga Records Iboga Records Publishing,Iboga Records Publishing

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