HYS Ep. 22 -- Ray Butterfield: All about the Details


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Ray Butterfield joins Tracey on this episode of 'Hitting Your Stride' and he makes quite an impression with their wide-ranging conversation. The rider-turned-salesman-turned-instructor opens up on the influences in his equestrian journey; how big the difference between good enough and good is, learning to manage animals right from their most delicate stage, and recognizing value when others don't see it.

Butterfield takes great pride in talking about listening to those small voices in his head in times of triumph, and what it feels like being okay with things you can't control.

Ray and his wife, Scarlett, own and operate Hazel Crest, a hunter/jumper facility located in Hillsburgh, ON. They can be found on Facebook and Instagram by searching @cresthazel.

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