Abhi Aiyer from Gatsby on Getting into Coding, Finding Mentors, Jumping into Engineering, Impostor Syndrome, Gatsbyverse, Aiming to be Useful, Soft Skills, Early GraphQL Era, Federation Experiments, Reducing JAM-tax, Footgun Balance, Upcoming Gatsby Impro


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Abhi Aiyer is not only this podcast’s co-host, but also the Principal Software Engineer / Tech Lead at Gatsby. He has many years of experience in the architecture, design, and development of software and tools for startup companies, and has worked on high profile digital websites for popular US Athletes. Nowadays Abhi is changing how engineers build on the web at Gatsby.

Hear Abhi's perspective on:

  • Getting Into Coding
  • Hustling Without Experience
  • Finding A Mentor
  • Getting Opportunities
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Having No CS Degree
  • Grit And Effort
  • Jumping Into Engineering
  • Initial Milestones
  • Hiring Culture Fits
  • Senior Role Models
  • Aiming To Be Useful
  • Learning From Patterns
  • Having A Chip
  • Good Managers
  • Behaviour Improvements
  • Terrible Soft Skills
  • Filling Senior Roles
  • Mentorship Along The Way
  • Getting Chances
  • Team Work
  • Soft Skills
  • Code Velocity
  • Early GraphQL Era
  • Meteor.js Days
  • Apollo
  • Spectrum
  • Before Schema Stitching
  • Federation Experiments
  • Apollo Federation Dominance
  • Gatsby's Data Layer
  • Gatsby Influences
  • Gatsbyverse
  • Gatsby’s Future Plans
  • Gatsby SSR
  • Reducing JAM-tax
  • Beyond React
  • Big Static Websites
  • Gatsby DSG
  • Unexpected Challenges
  • Gatsby’s Versatility
  • Designing Interactions Carefully
  • Footgun Balance
  • Upcoming Gatsby Improvements
  • GraphQL & Gatsby
  • Plugin Governance
  • Opinionated Gatsbyverse
  • DX
  • Optimizing For Silence
  • Community Strengths And Weaknesses
  • and much more…


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