Episode 174


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Would you trust a jiu-jitsu instructor who had never competed, to train you in competitive jiu-jitsu? Is learning from books enough, or do people need practical experience in their field to be an expert? In this episode Carter and Mo consider what makes them trust an expert, what it means to have an independent business and why you shouldn’t just follow people others say are the best.

• What it can take before a lesson sinks in (00:00)
• Can you be an expert at something, if you haven’t actually done it? (2:41)
• Dealing with the disconnect of listening to people who haven’t done the thing you are trying to do (10:12)
• With the glut of jiu-jitsu instructionals, you have to find the ones that work for you (13:35)
• Carter tried to be cool as a youngster by claiming to like Nirvana (14:48)
• Why Austin is becoming the place for jiu-jitsu (18:42)
• It is tough to be 100% independent (22:31)
• Is it possible to be independent in business? (24:47)
• Finding a sweet spot between independence and power (30:52)
• You can get good at jiu-jitsu as a hobbyist, even if you start later in life (32:47)

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