Episode 175


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Mo is constantly on the look out for a unicorn business. A business in which he can make money with little effort. But is that unrealistic? In this episode Carter and Mo consider finding work where you enjoy the bits that other people hate, picking the drama that suits your personality and areas where there’s a high barrier to entry.

• How long does it really take for a podcast to be successful? (00:00)
• Does the unicorn business actually exist? (03:31)
• Find the thing that is work to everyone else and play to you (07:18)
• What Carter finds exciting about trying to figure out what is happening in commercial real estate in a nearby town (07:57)
• It is hard to be successful at something you don’t like (11:22)
• The high barrier to entry in commercial real estate (12:26)
• High barrier versus low barrier to entry (15:40)
• Does jiu-jitsu have a high barrier to entry? (19:37)
• Mo’s realisations on areas where he has taken the path of least resistance in jiu-jitsu (20:44)
• If something is hard for you it is probably hard for other people and they won’t want to do it (22:26)
• Is a high barrier to entry for jiu-jitsu good or bad? (25:39)

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