Kassem Hanson, N1, Physique Training, Technology & Performance || Episode #52 [EN]


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Kassem Hanson is the Creator Of N1, helping Educate coaches in individualized Biomechanics, Program Design and NutritionCourses & Education: www.n1.educationMember Site: www.n1.training7-day trial: https://n1.training/product/basic-membership-trial-7/Topics:0:00 - Start1:21 - Intro2:40 - Biochemistry and molecular biology - what did you bring to the gym from those disciplines?4:00 - What are some of the biggest mistakes you made in your early days as a coach?7:28 - Who have been your biggest influences so far?9:16 - Beliefs that you’ve changed along the way?11:07 - Why the individualized approach with N1 (biomechanics, nutrition, etc…)? 27:46 - Popular oversimplifications that are still prevalent in the physique world?39:07 - Machines VS free weights for physique training: where does that discussion stand currently?43:12 - N1 Lab: what is it and why did you create it?48:44 - What have those tools allowed you to see that you couldn’t measure before?1:03:55 - What is an Moxy Monitor?Audience questions:1:12:00 - Stefan asks « up to what % can nutrition and/or improved biokinetics have an impact on performance? »1:15:40 - Darko what is the best training Periodization for muscle gain?1:18:31 - Damian asks « is it a bad idea to train with DOMS? »1:20:39 - What are you currently fascinated about? What will you be investigating in the coming months?1:22:30 - What are you hoping to see more of in the physique world in the coming months and years?1:24:15 - Where can people find out more about what you do?Full Video Interview: https://youtu.be/ngf17PDVLO0

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