[EN] Evan Peikon, Andrew Usher and Guglielmo Formichella on The Physiology Of Combat Sports || Episode #163


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GUESTS: Evan Peikon is an integrative physiologist with an interest in enhancing human performance through the use of technology, better training practices, and cutting edge research and design. Evan has experience working as a consultant for professional sports teams, special operations performance groups, as well as biotechnology companies who are invested in enhancing human performance. Evan is also a sports scientist and performance coach at the Training Think Tank where he works with athletes across the United States and internationally. Andrew is 48 years old, and grew up in the east end of Glasgow, initially studying computer engineering at University. As a youth he boxed and then went on to compete in Muay Thai Kickboxing and in his late 20’s turned his attention to coaching. He is currently the owner of Evolved Performance, where he works with everyone from the recreational and inspiring athlete to cyclists, boxers and MMA athletes. Evolved Performance offers physiological testing and performance blueprints. Andrew is also the sports scientist and performance specialist for Norther Sporting Club In Aberdeen, and works exclusively with the professional boxers in all areas of performance, from physiology to performance nutrition. Currently they have an exciting stable of fighters, with several looking to compete for IBF titles. Andrew is also heavily involved in research, and is currently finishing his MRes in Sports and Exercise Science at Roehampton University and undertakes his PhD at Abertay University in October of this year. Guglielmo: Certified OMPT, University Tutor at PGD and Athletic trainer with a 13-years career transcending the fields of therapeutic exercise in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal disorders and athletic injuries. I was born as an athletic trainer dedicated to soccer and running after a career of middle distance runner and i work with S&C staff of professional athletes Dedicated to advancing the relationship between motor control, human kinetics, and biomechanics, specifically applied to overload injuries and motor skills development as a therapeutic strategy. Specialise in sports medicine/rehabilitation, massage/manual therapy, pain science, therapeutic exercise, and musculoskeletal diseases. I remain at the forefront of human movement and muscle physiology as it pertains to the well-being of athletes, with a concentration on musculoskeletal disorders and sports performance. I am involved in ongoing research, including the effectiveness of therapeutic exercise strategies in the management ALBP in professional sportsmen and the analysis of the performance, advantages, and limitations of IMU techniques for the reconstruction of the kinematics and dynamics of a person during a physical activity. 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