Andrew Sellars on Breathing Patterns, Carbon Dioxide & Breathe Way Better || Episode #199


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After 5 years as a competitive swim coach, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Performance, I pursued a Masters Degree in Education (coaching studies) at the University of Victoria, where I was Assistant Coach to Dr. Peter Vizsolyi at the Varsity Level. I then pursued a career in Medicine, and completed specialized training in Anesthesia, where I continued to develop a deeper understanding of cardiopulmonary physiology.
My passion for endurance sport, and coaching, led to the development of the Balance Point Racing Team, where the primary focus was on applying the most up to date research and testing methods to the development of individualized training plans for endurance athletes. As we continued to push the boundaries of what the testing equipment was capable of, I shared a vision with a young athlete, Peter Obrien, about what the future of physiologic testing could look like. With Peter, we went on to found VO2 Master, in order to create the first ever wireless, portable, and affordable VO2 testing equipment in the world.
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0:00 - Intro
2:45 - Start
3:15 - Background
7:15 - VO2 Master Field Use
14:45 - Breathing Patterns
24:15 - Carbon Dioxide
47:40 - CO2 Tolerence
58:36 - Coupling Breathing
1:14:00 - Breathe Way Better
Podcast available on January 6th, 2022
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