038 - July 1, 1863: A Meeting Engagement - The First Day at Gettysburg


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About this episode:

From the Battle of Gettysburg, there are as many stories as participants. For this episode, selections from the first day: stories about the first shot, the arrival and instantaneous death of a Union corps commander, the desperate struggle for a flag, an unlikely 69-year-old volunteer, and two infantry regiments savagely engaged - the men of the 26th North Carolina and the 24th Michigan. All actors in a great historical drama, and played out - just as we are - as human beings.


Some Characters Mentioned In This Episode:

Joseph Hooker John F. Reynolds John Burns Henry King Burgwyn John R. Lane Richard Ewell Other References From This Episode:

Actions on Day 1 of The Battle of Gettysburg: July 1st, 1863

**Painting by Don Troiani

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