S1 E6: The Writer's Toolbox - Top Tips for Keeping Yourself Motivated to Write


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How do you stay motivated to write?
Why is important that you trust yourself and the process of writing?
How do you keep writing fun and exciting while tackling learning the skills and techniques to write something awesome?
You'll find out all this and more and get some real-life encouragement from CWD, a writer who worked 12 hours a day in a very stressful job and still managed to write not one but several novels.
You've got this writers! Whether you're new to writing or a veteran, I want to help you love writing, quit the overwhelm and focus on telling your stories.
If this sounds awesome, have a listen, subscribe to the show, leave a review if you feel inclined... and if you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to email or get in touch via Facebook. I'd love to hear from you!
My aim, as always, is to help you;

  • Start writing
  • Build your confidence in your own writing ability and creative choices
  • Keep going when life happens
  • Stay motivated when you're finding it tough
  • Avoid getting stuck by knowing what to expect
  • Finish your writing!

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Until next time!
Write on!

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