1539: ZeroTrust Identity-Based Policy Automation and API Governance


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2020 brought massive disruption from COVID-19, and the abrupt shift to a remote workforce In March created holes in the cybersecurity landscape for malicious actors to exploit. Amid the pandemic, the harrowing spike in cyberattacks toward the government, hospitals, education institutions, and even security firms forced all enterprises, large and small, to take a closer look at potential vulnerabilities, starting at the API level.

I have invited Cyber Security Veteran Jasen Meece from Cloudentiy onto the podcast today to talk about how he sees the landscape right now and explore some of his predictions for the road ahead.

Jasen Meece, CEO and Board Member of Cloudentity, joins me on today's episode of Tech Talks Daily. Jasen is a dynamic, results-oriented executive who leverages technology products and services to achieve business value-based transformation efforts. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in IT, driving both internal and external facing organizations.

Cloudentity is a provider of dynamic authorization solutions for modernizing and integrating legacy applications and cloud services. Unlike traditional security models based on roles or lists that present multiple points of security failure, Cloudentity dynamic authorization grants or denies access to applications, data, or other sensitive assets in real-time based on policy and according to the context of the user and transaction.

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