1523: Connecting Technology Leaders to Their Teams


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Many technology leaders struggle to be highly connected to their teams and fully engaged with their families. They are wicked smart, high IQs, and know their business like the back of their hands. They live in a tech world that is rapidly changing; and unfortunately, many are under tremendous stress.

It is not their fault - they don't have time, energy or knowledge to think about engagement, connectedness or emotional intelligence with their teams. Fortunately, it is possible for them to become deeply self-aware of their behaviors, identify solutions for their specific challenges and fully engage and connect with their teams and their families.

After spending 20+ years in corporate software and security companies, Tenice Wehmeyer began partnering with security and software leaders to create curiosity of the ripples and level of engagement they have with those around them – both inside and outside of the office. Then using this self-awareness, we create new ripples of productive impact with their team, peers, and key stakeholders and the energy to devote to their life outside of work.

After reading how Tenice coaches Cybersecurity leaders to have a greater impact by being connected and engaged with those who matter most, I invited her on to the podcast to learn more. Tenice shares her story and how she is helping others

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