1514: Epson Examine the Sustainability of all its Technologies.


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What does Epson mean to you? I suspect you might immediately think of printers. But after learning about their Moverio smart glasses and a focus on sustainability, I wanted to learn more about how the pandemic challenged Epson to examine the sustainability of all its technologies.

We all have a role to play in building a better future. For Epson, being a sustainable company means being mindful of every aspect of their organisation – from the smallest lightbulb to the largest factory. It fuels their innovation, drives growth, motivates their workforce and, ultimately, to contribute to society. It is also an essential part of how they work with our partners across the supply chain.

Daniel Quelch, Sustainability Manager at Epson, joins me on the podcast to discuss how the societal shift in where and how we work has created new opportunities for companies to focus on more sustainable tech. I also learn how smart glasses can provide remote technical assistance to printers capable of printing labels for restaurants that have pivoted to takeaway-only.

I also learn why sustainability is an important part of Epson's Japanese heritage, and it's ingrained throughout the company.

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