Module Federation | The React Native Show Podcast Ep.18


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Let’s dive into the topic of module federation! This time our host, Łukasz Chludziński (, invited two experts – Zack Jackson (, the creator of Webpack, and Paweł Trysła (, who is the brain behind Re.Pack. Paweł was already a guest in one of our podcast episodes, where he talked extensively about bringing Webpack to React Native ( If you want to know more about Re.Pack, take a listen! Pawel joined us for this episode because the new version of Re.Pack, Re.Pack 3.0 was released in September. It includes a new API for Module Federation in React Native and long-awaited documentation. In this episode we focus on Module Federation – an answer to, uh, complexity of publishing shared common code in the NPM packages. To make this talk a comprehensive take on Module Federation on mobile and web, we invited Zack Jackson. Zack elaborated on how he got involved in Webpack and how he came up with the crazy idea of Module Federation. In this episode, Zack, Paweł, and Łukasz discuss: Webpack similarities in web and mobile, the use cases of Module Federation on the web, and how it helps solve organizational agility problems, the idea behind bringing Webpack to React Native ecosystem and incorporating Module Federation, the use cases of Module Federation in the mobile application world, and the common pitfalls of Module Federation. In the end, our hosts and his guests discuss the buzzwords: Super apps micro frontends, and distributed systems. Check out our articles on Super Apps development: Discover the business benefits of Super Apps: Discover how we can help your company: Check out other episodes of our podcast: Do you want to work with us? We’re looking for Senior React Native developers! Check out the details and apply here: Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with upcoming episodes: Enjoy!

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