Dominic Steele on the Ravi Zacharias sexual misconduct, devouring vulnerable women and harsher judgement


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As the report into the sexual misconduct of Ravi Zacharias was released I (Dominic) was deep in preparation for teaching on Mark 12:38-40 where Jesus addresses the hypocritical faith leaders who love the external praise, devour vulnerable women and in the end will receive harsher judgement.
It is now clear that the world famous Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias
•Engaged in sexual abuse on many occasions, in different places over many years - involving many women
•He used those who worked in massage parlours, importing them from overseas and pursued more than massages.
•It was predatory. He engaged in a repeated pattern of skilful grooming, manipulation and pressure - on his emotionally and financially vulnerable therapists
•He used the Gospel and Christian language to gain the confidence of his victims.
*One woman details many incidents over years where the famous Christian leader raped her.
*All the while preaching Jesus
This is an excerpt from last Sunday's address at Village Church Annandale, Sydney and the congregational question time that followed.
I hope it helps you as you process the release on the report on Ravi Zacharias report’s sexual misconduct last weekend.
There’s a link to the released report and David Robertson’s summary in the show notes.
RZIM report on Ravi Zacharias’ sexual misconduct
David Robertson has summarised the report and given his reaction here
Full talk is available here:
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