#22 The power of Mindset with Alex Hodgins Performance Psychologist


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Alex Is a Mental Performance Consultant helping athletes and organizations optimize performance. Training the way they think about and within their performances.

Alex has a Masters of Sport and Exercise Psychology - from the University of Ottawa and works full time with Canada Soccer with the Women's National Team as the Mental Performance Lead

Alex also has his own practice ‘Apex Consulting’ Clients include World Champions in variety of area’s across the board in Slopestyle MTB, Downhill MTB, Surfing, Olympics, artists and even corporate clients

Conversation Topics

  • The positives and negatives of sports culture
  • The cultural differences between action sports and Team sports
  • Training to performances environments
  • The key practices that separate the 1% of high performers
  • The comfort zone
  • Social Media - Effective Tools and strategies
  • Comparison
  • Visualization

And much more!

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