510: Rob Reid | Why the Future is a Good Kind of Scary


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Rob Reid (@Rob_Reid) is a tech entrepreneur, early-stage tech investor, author of After On: A Novel of Silicon Valley, and host of the After On Podcast.

What We Discuss with Rob Reid:

  • While COVID-19 has been devastating on a global scale, it's comparatively benign when we consider how bad it could have been with a deadlier, more transmissible virus and a decimated infrastructure without access to basic necessities.
  • What gain of function research is, and why it's so dangerous in a world where even the most secure laboratories can leak pathogens into the general population.
  • The death toll inflicted by society's suicidal mass murderers is limited only by the weapons they have available -- whether they're guns, knives, airplanes, or synthetically manufactured superviruses created by soon-to-be commonplace genetic manipulation technology.
  • The steps we can take as an international community to fend off the malevolent efforts of a few bad actors by creating an infrastructure that can detect and prevent the spread of any potential future pandemic.
  • How DNA printers with the ability to create pandemic-defying vaccines on demand may become as common in the home as smoke alarms.
  • And much more...

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