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Your adult son has Asperger Syndrome, which has contributed to his naïveté in social situations and led to others taking advantage of him. Now he's married to a woman who has served time in prison for smothering her own mother with a pillow and attempted to do the same to her ex-husband. On top of this concerning history, she also falsely accused your son of rape and assault when he tried to leave her. What can you do for your special needs son who's been seduced by this psycho siren? We'll try to find answers to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Your adult son with special needs has been tricked into marriage with a legitimate psycho killer and accused by her of rape and assault when he tried to end it. How can you help him pry free from this murderous harpy before it's too late? [Thanks to attorney Corbin Payne, Surrounded by Psychopaths author Thomas Erikson, and clinical psychologist Dr. Erin Margolis for helping us field this one!]
  • How do you politely decline an offer to "catch up" with an old co-worker who doesn't seem to understand that you never particularly cared for them?
  • After doing a payscale salary comparison, you estimate that you make $15-20k less than the median salary for your qualifications. Would it be best for you to attempt to negotiate a raise at your current job, or bite the bullet and try to find a new job with better pay?
  • Your usually non-dramatic wife has taken to breaking into tears for seemingly no reason at least once a week or so (that you know of). Could it be due to her obsession with picture-perfect Instagram influencers making her feel bad about herself?
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