Episode 177


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Carter recently read Andrew Yang’s book about the idea of Universal Basic Income and thinks that although it sounds great in theory, in reality the idea wouldn’t work. In this episode Carter and Mo discuss why they think UBI wouldn’t work, other areas where they see a mismatch between theory and reality and understanding the risk that comes with living life.

• Not reading books until the end (00:00)
• Carter’s thoughts on Andrew Yang, universal basic income and dealing with people in the world of mobile homes (02:27)
• Creating businesses within a community helps the community (09:56)
• Is AI going to bring the end of jobs? (10:37)
• There’s always a difference between theory and reality (12:17)
• The need to address the root problem (13:54)
• Why Mo likes capitalism (15:58)
• Reality versus theory in jiu-jitsu (17:06)
• You have to test the theories (19:58)
• Is universal basic income a marketing ploy? (20:42)
• Why starting jiu-jitsu with both people on their knees is an unrealistic situation (25:00)
• Figure out a way to test your theories (28:32)
• People who are afraid of both Covid and vaccination (31:53)
• With freedom comes risk (39:10)

The War on Normal People: The Truth About America’s Disappearing Jobs and Why Universal Basic Income Is Our Future by Andrew Yang

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