Episode 171


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Recently Rickson Gracie has written a book about his life in jiu-jitsu and being a part of the Gracie family. Carter read it in one sitting and immediately sent the book to Mo. In this episode they discuss why the book is interesting, Carter’s experience training at Hickson’s school and whether the greatest legacy is knowledge.

• Rickson Gracie’s new book (05:27)
• What makes Rickson Gracie’s book interesting? (07:08)
• Carter’s experience training at Rickson’s school (11:05)
• The intensity of Rickson Gracie (12:25)
• Rickson Gracie was probably not into teaching (15:26)
• Why Carter doesn’t like teaching beginners (19:07)
• Did Rickson teach self-defence or sports jiu-jitsu? (22:38)
• Rickson’s honesty about what happened to his son (25:58)
• Did Rickson waste an opportunity to give his knowledge to the world? (31:45)
• The greatest legacy you can leave behind is knowledge (38:05)
• The fallacy of saying jiu-jitsu is your life (42:57)
• Great men are always bad men (45:00)
• The net benefit of jiu-jitsu for the world (47:33)

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Breathe: A Life in Flow by Rickson Gracie

Jocko Podcast – 293: Rickson Gracie

293: Rickson Gracie. “You Do a Good Job Staying Calm in Bad Positions. That Is an Important Thing.” Jiu Jitsu is Life.

Worth Defending: How Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Saved My Life by Richard Bresler

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