Episode 153


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Being good at jiu-jitsu doesn’t mean that you will always beat everyone. Maybe you are having a bad day. Maybe there is just someone who you always lose to. Can there be advantages to sparring with people who always dominate you?

In this episode Carter and Mo discuss how watching videos of fighters sparring can be more illuminating that watching actual fights, progress versus happiness and having an objective for every training session.

• Perspective is important (00:00)
• There will always be people who will beat you (03:35)
• Why Mo enjoys watching sparring sessions of boxers (05:57)
• The Teófimo López sparring session where he gets dropped by an up and comer (07:45)
• There is a difference between improving your skill, and being effective at trying to win (10:40)
• Training for the Olympics versus training to turn pro in boxing (13:10)
• Should you avoid training with people you know are going to dominate you? (15:41)
• Why Carter trains with someone who will always beat him (18:21)
• Having the will to win (19:40)
• You need an objective for each training session (22:06)
• Being active in your business (24:10)
• Happiness is being satisfied. Progress is being unsatisfied (29:19)
• Can entrepreneurs ever retire? (31:34)
• How do individual objectives fit in with an overall objective? (32:17)

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