Episode 149


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There is a lot of debate in Texas right now about Governor Abbott’s decision to rescind mask orders. What this really does is allow people and businesses to have the freedom of choice to choose the actions and behaviours that are right for them. In this episode Carter and Mo discuss where responsibility for other fits in to this, whether jiu-jitsu schools are getting back to normal and whether coddled people can find the keys to success.

• Being on vacation, eating, walking and napping (00:39)
• Changes to mask and business occupancy policies in Texas (02:23)
• You have to decide what the right action is for you (09:37)
• Should everybody be quarantining or just vulnerable people? (14:17)
• If you quit jiu-jitsu for a year you’re probably not coming back (19:22)
• What are the individuals’ responsibility to other people? (21:12)
• Should people who are vaccinated be getting back to real life? (24:15)
• Are jiu-jitsu schools going to make people get vaccinated? (29:06)
• Some data from Rollbliss about how business is booming because jiu-jitsu schools are booming (30:59)
• Are kids these days tough or coddled? (32:46)
• Bad kids vs bad parenting (37:21)
• The formula to succeed stays the same (40:32)



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