Episode 135


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When you buy a product or service you expect it to go smoothly. It’s incredibly frustrating when the people you are paying are bad communicators. It makes the process difficult and you are unlikely to use them again.

From a business point of view, good communication can make customers feel respected. Commutating your value and can win you customers. In this episode Carter and Mo talk about their experiences with communication as both a customer and a business owner.

• A spontaneous getaway and why AirBnb’s are better than hotels (00:00)
• Sunday training (04:29)
• Communication is key and so many people are bad communicators (05:38)
• How Mo looks at the role of communication in building RolBliss’s brand (07:33)
• A story about good communication in a difficult situation (10:37)
• Carter’s experience with bad communication (15:30)
• The problem with bad communication is you have to do so much more to make it up (22:15)
• How good communication respects the strong emotions clients can have for certain products or services (23:51)
• Good communication helps to retain customers (28:10)

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