Episode 134


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Can building relationships play a role in minimising the risks of your business? If you invest in mobile homes developing a good relationship with the park manager can be an asset that reduces risk. How you treat your customers is important. It’s easier to retain customers than to create new ones. Can you build a relationship with your customers that is more than just transactional?

In this episode Mo and Carter discuss how to build relationships, the importance of knowing market value and why putting effort into maintaining customers is worth it.

• The power Google has (00:00)
• When twitter used to be a place to get the news (03:01)
• How do you learn how to minimise risk? (08:12)
• Dealing with mobile home park managers (09:29)
• Helping park managers solve problems (11:57)
• Everybody in business is in the business of solving problems (15:06)
• Spending money on building relationships is more effective and satisfying than buying leads (16:32)
• Two ways to figure out the market value (19:14)
• Using ads to test the market value (20:39)
• How to create a potential buyers list (22:49)
• It’s cheaper to retain customers than to find new ones (26:06)
• The importance of treating customers well (27:35)
• Developing customer loyalty (31:36)
• Treat each customer like they are the most important person in the world (34:23)

Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki

The Social Dilemma


Wake Up and Smell the Real Estate: This Book Could Be Worth a Million Dollars to You by Tom McKay




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