Episode 132


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If you look at social media these days, there seems to be two pathways to success. The Instagram path of leisure and the hustle culture of doing everything. Are these approaches unrealistic and ultimately wrong? Both these paths are approaching extremes – doing nothing and doing everything. Is the path to success actually somewhere in the middle?

In this episode Carter and Mo discuss difficulties with sleep, finding balance and the need to manage people.

• Trouble with sleeping and not feeling guilty for missing training (00:00)
• Why do we thing waking up early is a key part of productivity? (03:23)
• Things Mo is doing to improve his sleeping including meditation (06:21)
• Carter’s experience with meditation (09:27)
• Instagram pictures often aren’t a reflection of reality (10:38)
• Social media can perpetuate the myth that success is easy (12:40)
• If you’re trying to remove yourself from your business, why are you in business? (15:00)
• The false paths to success that often get sold to us (16:28)
• Extremes are bad and we need to find balance and moderation (18:34)
• Examples of people who have and haven’t found balance (20:09)
• People are fallible and you need to check in on them (22:28)
• Can jiu-jitsu work as an online only business? (25:13)
• The long term effects of Covid shutdowns (28:13)
• Find balance and be aware that balance changes over time (30:31)

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The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich by Timothy Ferriss

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