042 | Mobility For Travel + The Ideal Morning Routine


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This week on The HERO Movement Podcast, we look at some of the best mobility exercises to use whilst traveling (or to combat any prolonged sitting), and we explore the ideal morning routine to free up joint stiffness and set your body + mind right for the day.

02:47 - What are some of the most effective quick stretches for people who spend a lot of time sitting?

  • The negative impacts of sitting for prolonged periods.
  • Why the couch stretch gives you the biggest bang for your buck.
  • How to enhance your training and add quick activation routines to engage the glutes and core (and to correct imbalances).
14:48 - What is the best morning routine to deal with tightness and sore joints?
  • Why sleep and hydration can affect morning joint pain.
  • How breathwork and movement can be incorporated to ease stiffness.
  • Managing joint pain in the long term through hot/cold exposure and Wim Hof style breathing techniques.

Further show notes, links and resources: https://www.heromovement.net/podcast/042

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