Learning using AI and Conversational Data with Chorus.ai


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Human interaction, there’s a lot we know but a lot to learn. AI and conversational data can help us in this learning process. In this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast, we will be talking with Raphael Cohen, previously the VP of Research at Chorus.ai and currently the Senior Director of Data Science at ZoomInfo. Recently acquired by ZoomInfo, Chorus.ai helps teams make decisions using the insights you'd get if you were sitting in on every sales or customer success call.

You’ll Hear About:

● Chorus.ai’s mission and how they help people get better at conversations.

● Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all and the need to build a product that enables people to understand their sales processes.

● How Chorus handles the massive amounts of data and adapts to the different ways organizations work.

● The impact Chorus’ work has at a management level.

● Wav2vec and how it will impact learning the structures of speech from audio.

● Why cutting down on compute resources was necessary for a model’s success.

● How Chorus sells their technology and differentiates themselves.

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