Mr Rogers Holds the Key to Your Greatest Wellness Victories


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DO YOU GO THROUGH MOST OF YOUR DAY ON AUTOPILOT? HOW IS THIS SERVING YOU… YOUR MIND… YOUR BODY? In today’s episode, we’ll explore the impact that attentiveness has on your mind… your body… and even your DNA… and how that can set you up for the the greatest positive health impact ever.
✅ Key Points in this Episode
2:33 Perfect example of intentional and attentive is Fred Rogers
3:39 Listen to where love begins
7:49 Optimize health using your conscious state of mind
09:22 You are what you think you are
09:43 The Intention Challenge!
13:09 2 Prong approach:

  • Focus on negative programming of our subconscious mind
  • Simultaneously address genetic imbalances
  • See what happens!

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